Sedu Sanitiser About

"The primary measure against the epidemic is personal hygiene"


Who are we?

In 1987 our company started its operations and entered the sector by producing signage and advertising materials. In 1997, our company changed its direction to pop and posm design and production and we still operate in this field.

Sedu is a family owned company and employs an average of 150 staff. Our factory has 7500 sqm production area and 5000 sqm open area. All kinds of stands are produced by using metal – plastic – wood based materials in our production area. Design, project and production operate under the same roof and it is important for us to create designs that can be produced. With the efforts of our experienced employees in our production and project teams, we are doing our best to realize the project and design perfectly.

Despite rapidly changing Dynamics of the market, we are trying to keep our operations at a standard level without compromising our ethical values. By using our resources effectively, we aim to find the best solutions in the long run.


What do we do?

In order to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, we have been operating in the sector with our 30 years of experience focused on our unique designs, creative solutions, ability to choose suitable material for budget and product display systems.

In our 7500 sqm production facility in Tuzla, we increase the number of companies that we serve with different solutions in the field by fulfilling the basic requirements of our ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate through our machine park where we can process metal-wood and plastic derivatives.

We have the ability to use a wide range of materials with our cnc operated cutting, sizing and forming machines and printing solutions.


Our services


As Sedu design team, we take into account the requests from our customers with precision and create applicable designs considering the importance of brand and product.

Our Industrial Design team, which specializes in consumer experience, demonstrates their creativity according to local retail requirements.


As Sedu Project team, we are following the right and steady production policy with the engineers within our team in order to realize the projects at an affordable cost.

Our experienced engineers are working delicately for the projects to achieve right production models and alternative material practices through value engineering.

It is crucial for us to ensure low cost and high quality production for our clients.


As Sedu Production Team, we consider our projects precisely. Our production area consists of 12 sections. Each department operates by the management of experienced craftsmen.

The work flow is applied with the best combination of the correct interpretation of the data coming from the project according to the latest technology, optimum sizing of the incoming materials in our state-of-the-art machinery park and complying with the production plan Schedule.

Delivery and Sssembly

As Sedu installation team, we have experience about the working conditions of the indoor and outdoor spaces where our products are exhibited and we are working carefully to ensure that the projects reach the final point correctly.

We offer appropriate turnkey solutions for packaging and on-site assembly. We improve our time, performance and service quality with our own logistic vehicles and equipment.

Why do the clients prefer us?

Reflecting the advantages of teamwork to every stage of our project, we offer package solutions from brief to post-assembly support services.

Since we aim for long-term solution partnerships rather than short-term collaborations, we address projects as a whole, not one by one, which adds flexibility to budgetary adaptations during the period.

Our priority is to give all our energy to accomplish projects by constructive relaitons with our business partners and create an enjoyable working environment for both customers and other teams we work with.

Sedu Sanitiser
Sedu Sanitiser
Sedu Sanitiser

"We are providing sustainable hygiene safety with bespoke Hand Sanitiser Dispensers that we designed and produced for your brand"


Service and Solution Details

Drop and Foam

Foam or drop type can be used optionally with injection molds used in Sedu Sanitiser Dispenser family.
The desired flow form of No-touch Sedu Sanitiser Dispenser is exchangable with an apparatus.



Sedu Sanitiser
Sedu Sanitiser